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Every business is vulnerable to the possibility of a break-in. CCTV is an important deterrent but having a good security system installed is only as good as the maintenance and upkeep it is given. With most security systems installed nowadays are of high quality, they still can be liable to suffer the occasional issue or glitch, which can compromise the effectiveness of the system.  Regular CCTV maintenance checks of your systems can identify any technical problems which can then be addressed in a timely way.

Extend Lifespan Of Equipment

Optimum Performance

Increased Security

Reduced Downtime

Reduced Repair Costs


Benefits Expanded

Extend Life Span Of Equipment

Regular CCTV maintenance and repairs are crucial for keeping your system in top condition. 

All electronic equipment including CCTV systems have a limited lifespan. With preventive maintenance, you can expect your surveillance system to last longer.

Optimum Performance

Preventive maintenance of your CCTV system will also ensure that it is working optimally. You should not take any chance with your security system.

A malfunctioning camera will prevent you from detecting an intruder who tries to break into the house. Moreover, if the storage device is not recording properly, you cannot have footage of the crime scene.

Increased Security

Regular preventive maintenance of the surveillance system will ensure that your house or office remains protected at all times. CCTV systems with motion detection features provide instant notification in case any movement is detected, you will not know about a break-in if this feature is not working.

Reduced Downtime

CCTV cameras can become offline due to a fault. Professional technicians of companies that provide preventive maintenance can detect issues before it leads to a major equipment failure. This proactive maintenance will ensure that your surveillance system never goes offline thereby ensuring the security of your premises.

Reduced Repair Costs

Preventive maintenance of CCTV systems will reduce the risk of equipment failure. It will help prevent major faults with the cameras. The cost of preventive maintenance is much less than the cost you would otherwise have to bear due to equipment failure.

What’s Involved in our CCTV Preventive Maintenance?


At Triton when we perform maintenance of CCTV systems, we will check for fraying wires and replace them if required. In addition, clean the lens to ensure a clear line of sight. Professional technicians will also inspect the power supply cables to ensure that they are in good condition.

Other tasks in preventive maintenance include:

  • Check the integrity of storage equipment
  • Inspect the display device
  • Verify that all functions are working properly
  • Adjust contrast or focus of the lens to ensure a clear view
  • Check software and network settings of CCTV system
  • Produce a logged report

What Should be the Frequency of CCTV Preventive Maintenance?


The frequency of CCTV maintenance depends on the age of the system. New model surveillance cameras require an inspection once each year. Older systems require more frequent inspections. You should consider getting an old CCTV system checked after every five to six months.

Triton Networking Technology is a premier provider of CCTV & Access control systems all over Botswana. We provide CCTV preventive maintenance services to residential and commercial enterprises. Our maintenance services meet all the guidelines of manufacturers. 

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