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Maintaining control of your network, managing the IT assets, planning for growth and managing technical upgrades can be time consuming and vastly expensive especially in Botswana. With that said, well implemented network cabling of system infrastructures can make these processes more efficient and affordable.

Is your business unsure of what cabling to use or how each network point should be terminated for connectivity? What about, how do I connect my server, do I need a switch or patch panel? We help with all the above and more, see below.








LAN Networks

Our team at Triton understand that all modern communications solutions share one common core component: cables. We provide network cabling services with sophisticated and effective copper & fiber cabling solutions that gives you access to your data when you need it.

Ideal for everything from business use to the home, these services are of the highest quality: you can look forward to a complete solution including an initial survey, installation, testing, maintenance.

We are committed to providing tailored solutions, as we recognize that each business or home exists in unique circumstances. 

Additional services:

  • ICT Equipment installations & relocation of companies premises – including relocation of servers and IT infrastructure.

  • Project management of your companies relocation to ensure a stress free move. 

  • Server room and network cabling clean up/management and rewiring.

  • Server room cabinet and raised floor installations.


Wireless Networks

We offer the following  Wireless Networking installations for buildings, offices and homes:

  • Installation of Ubiquiti Wireless networking access points (AP) for offices and homes. 

  • Setup of Wireless mesh and roaming with single SSID for offices and homes.

  • Wireless point to point networking links between buildings and premises for companies (up to 20km)

  • Setup secure wireless network access for your guests separate from your company network.

Know Triton

Your Installer

All our solutions are carried out through-out Botswana. Our highly experienced technicians and engineers are fully qualified to work with the latest Copper & Fiber Optic and Copper Network Cabling Systems. Our network cabling company specializes in the installation of structured cabling such as Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, and Fiber Optic Cabling.

As one of the top network cabling installers in Botswana, we offer a complete one-stop solution for Data Centers and Office relocation. We have a broad experience of network cabling solutions for public & private sectors with regards to organizations, business offices, entertainment & leisure facilities, as well as data cabling for schools & colleges.

Our installations are of high-quality along with top quality Ethernet and fiber optic cabling and components. We also provide additional equipment such as firewalls, switches, and network cabinets.



Why Use Triton

Experts In Integration

Finding and installing the right network cabling to suit your company or personal needs is a sure fire way to make the most out of your telecommunications and network investments. The installation of network cable wiring needs to be done properly and in compliance with the mandatory standards of cabling.


Triton offers quick and affordable installation of network cabling in your new offices or network multiple locations. We can also cable a simple single network point to your existing network infrastructure. We provide solid support and maintenance plans.

Stress-free Management

We can provide and install data cables on both new and existing sites, supplying network cable wiring from CAT5e and CAT6. If your network cabling looks like a pasta salad and is a potential occupational hazard, don’t fret, we have the perfect data cabling solution for you. Our job is to make sure that that the process of installing your computer network cabling is a stress-free affair.

Network Assessments

If you already have an existing network and are currently suffering from unusually slow connectivity, prevent loss of data today and let Triton perform a network test report on your current network cabling infrastructure. Data cabling that has a little more tenure will always be more susceptible to loss of data, as general deterioration caused by age is normal.

We have been installing IT infrastructures for a number of  years and will be happy to assist in defining your requirements or work to an existing specification. We have the capacity and resources to carry out major projects as well as the focus and individuality to offer a dedicated service for smaller works.

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