From Animal Poaching to Farmer Attacks and Livestock theft, Botswana’s Wildlife is under constant attack and the nation must be respond swiftly and efficiently to conserve the beautiful environment that makes this country great.

Places out of reach

The fortunate news is that Triton has been taking proactive role in keeping Botswana safer through providing premium security technology at affordable prices. Triton would make it easier to place surveillance cameras in terrains, environments and at angles where other cameras would not be effective.

Farm Entrance

Our technology strongly emphasises the principle of “prevention being better than the cure” because it focuses on early detection. Our partners world class technology lets you know of intruders before CCTV cameras detect them. The applications we use convert the cameras into early warning systems that detect movement in seconds, and the system works 24 hours a day.

Types of Cameras

Botswana’s wildlife and farm animals often dwells in very vast and rugged terrain that most surveillance systems are unable to adequately function in because of the sometimes harsh weather in these environments, whilst others can be too large to place without interfering directly with the ecosystems. We offer products that do not have this constraint as they’re designed around effectiveness, durability and stealth.

Our cameras notify you when:

  • Poachers are detected.
  • Farm workers vandalise property
  • Livestock is targeted.
  • 2.0 Megapixel HD Lens
  • Full HD Resolution – 1080P
  • No Electricity NEEDED – Powered by Solar Power
  • Ultra Low Power Consumption
  • Cellphone App Remote Monitoring
  • Embed 8W solar power panel
  • Support PTZ , Pan : 355 degree , Tilt : 120 degree ;
  • Adopt Black Light Technology ,
  • Full Color Vision In Dark Area
  • Sim Card Slot 3G/4G
  • IP66 Waterproof


Wireless Outdoor IP Security Camera System. Used with the unique RikRhino Mobile Application, the RhinoCam provides an early warning system directly to your mobile device. Triggered by human, or wildlife movement. Automatically captures high-quality images. Water and snow-resistant. Highly sensitive passive infrared sensor (PIR). Full colour during the day and IR at night.

  • 24 MP Interpolation
  • New 4G Network Coverage
  • Image Sensor 5MP Colour CMOS
  • Lens f/ 2.4Field of view = 57º
  • PIR Detection range: 90ft
  • Display screen 1.44” LCD
  • Memory card from 8 to 32 GB
  • Image resolution:
    • 24MP Day / 18MP Night
    • 16MP Day / 12MP Night
    • 10MP Day / 8MP Night
  • Two way communication
  • Video resolution: 1920×1080 | 1280×720 | 640×480
  • Compatible with the new RikRhino App available on both Google Play and the App Store



Taking all in to consideration Triton does the best to help any predicament you are faced. From simply having CCTV by your farm entrance to monitor who comes and goes to monitoring endangered animal perimeters and routs, we here to assist.

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