Access Control

We focus on 4 key industries

  • Residential Estates
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Small Medium Business

With our residential estate access solution this is achieved with a simple, graphic interface that enables you to quickly identify people and their location. You can also assign “assets” to homes, such as vehicles, animals, staff … anything you need to record, as the system allows you to personalise the information recorded, to meet your specific needs.

Finding the information is also just as quick, with built-in reports that are accessible with just a few clicks.

Additional support products such as visitor management, also ensures no long queues at the entrance, or a laborious sign-in process. Residents are able to quickly issue visitor passes electronically, directly to the visitors mobile phone. Quickly and conveniently.

Those wanting even more convenience, we even have automatic number plate recognition, so your residents don’t even have to present their tag. Simply drive towards the entrance and the system automatically allows entry – a big bonus for exclusive estates where convenience is demanded, without impacting on their security.

The access control system can also scale to suit any sized estate – from just a few homes, to many thousands. It’s also able to integrate with a host of different security systems, such as CCTV and intrusion alarms, and works with the leading biometric devices – from fingerprints, to hands and faces!

access control

Our education access control solution has been developed to specifically meet the requirements for school and campus safety and security, whilst ensuring ease of access for students, faculty and staff members.

Our “one card” solution provides an unrivalled level of convenience for access to buildings, libraries, residential facilities and even cashless vending at canteens.

The traditional enrolment season is further streamlined with the result that student enrolment can be taken down from weeks, to just a few days.

The added benefit is that this card is immediately activated and can be used on the same day, to gain access to their authorised locations.

No longer does this have to be just a physical access card, users can also enjoy the same features with a virtual credential on their mobile phones – meaning less lost cards and the ever-present risk of card sharing.

Whether you have one campus, or many hundreds of campuses, our solution is able to quickly and easily scale to meet your needs.

For our Enterprise solutions, we use the analogy of an onion with its many layers.

By layering the different elements of the access control system – from the perimeter entrance, into public areas and offices, to highly restricted areas – we are able to create a balanced solution that meets an enterprises’ exacting security needs, without compromising convenience.

We also understand that enterprises globally have a variety of needs, each as unique as their businesses. To this end, our system provides a host of features specially designed for large enterprises, straight of the shelf.

The system can be further customised, to individual business needs or even specific users, quickly and easily – making it one of the most convenient and easiest access control systems on the market.

Specialist integrations with other business software, such as HR management systems, intrusion, or CCTV systems, is also quickly achieved through our purpose-built API.

Our enterprise solutions include biometric readers, automatic number plate recognition, anti-cloning tags, mobile phone credentials and more.

Small businesses often share the same concerns as large enterprises – they want to manage access to their premises, and protect their people and assets.  Our access control solution enables this with features often found only in enterprise solutions, but for a fraction of the cost.

No complicated systems, no huge server infrastructure and no expensive specialists needed.  Our access control solution for small and medium businesses focusses on simplicityconvenience and value.

Convenience: access your system, including reports, from anywhere in the world 24-hours a day with your smartphone, tablet or computer.  Great to see who’s at work, or quickly add a new employee.

Simplicity:  true plug-and-play with a simple intuitive user interface, your access control solution is up and running in minutes.

Value:  our system may not be the cheapest, but you’re assured of a product that will stand the test of time.  We also free 24-hour support and no charge for software license. In addition, the system scales with your business – as your company grows, simply plug in more hardware, no need to replace. Ensuring your investment keeps giving returns, year after year.

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